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Conning's 2021 State of the States Report


Conning’s State of the States report is an annual ranking of each of the 50 U.S. states by credit quality assembled by our municipal bond analysts.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Global Evolution’s Research 


Ole Jorgensen, Director of Research for Global Evolution, discusses how the firm is using artificial intelligence to provide deeper insights into its analysis of emerging market credit opportunities. 

ESG: Moving from Confusion to Clarity


Terence Martin, a director in Conning’s Insurance Research group, examines the state of ESG for insurers and the challenge in establishing measurable goals. 

Pension Funded Status Tracker March 2021


The funded status of the average U.S. corporate defined benefit pension plan improved by 3% from 93% to 96% funded, between the beginning and end of March 2021.

Optimizing Investment Returns


Mark Saunders and Alexey Botvinnik, directors in Conning’s Risk Solutions group, explore the opportunities available to insurers to improve their asset allocations through a more holistic approach to applying strategic asset allocation.

What Was Lost May Now Be Found: Revisiting the Value of Tax-Exempt Municipals in Anticipation of Higher Corporate Tax Rates


Matthew Reilly, a Managing Director, and Clint Stonacek, a Assistant Vice President, of Conning’s Institutional Solutions group examine the recent history of tax-exempt municipals and how their relative value might change should corporate tax rates revert higher. 

Our Commitment to Ending Hatred and Violence


CHL’s Operating Committee reaffirms our commitment to fostering an organization and community that is accepting of, welcoming to and supportive of all.

Pension Funded Status Tracker February 2021


The funded status of the average U.S. corporate defined benefit pension plan improved by 3% from 90% to 93% funded, between the beginning and end of February 2021.

Private Placements: Aiming for Greater Yields, Downside Protection and Customized Cash Flows


Matthew Daly, Head of Conning’s Corporate and Municipal Teams, and John Petchler, Director, Private Placements, discuss how private placements may offer insurers greater yield compared to public issuance of similar quality and duration. They also discuss the sector’s investor protections and how private placements may enable insurers to customize maturities to match liabilities.

New Year, New Challenges: Issues Insurance Companies Should Consider in 2021


Cindy Beaulieu, Chair of Conning’s Investment Policy Committee, reviews key regulatory and related issues that insurance companies should be aware of as we enter 2021.