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Investment Grade CLO Tranches for Insurers: A Relativist’s Guide


In this Viewpoint co-authored with affiliate Octagon Credit Investors, Conning discusses the opportunities for insurers in floating-rate debt tranches of collateralized loan obligations, particularly tranches with investment grade ratings.


Conning’s 2024 State of the States report features a highly interactive format that allows you to dive into the data that drives our annual evaluation of the credit quality of all 50 U.S. states.

The Long Game of Inflation – Dynamic Portfolio Strategies


Dynamic portfolio strategies may help insurers improve portfolio performance during periods of elevated inflation and interest rates and can help them better prepare as market conditions evolve, reports Yazeed Abu-Sa’a from the Insurance Solutions team.

Conning Key Facts


“Key Facts” offers an overview of Conning’s assets under management, the experience and depth of our investment staff, and our array of capabilities to help you get a quick understanding of our company.

Conning ConnText Podcast


Conning ConnText is a quarterly podcast that features our firm’s view of capital markets, trends and investment strategies for the insurance industry, hosted by Rich Sega, Conning’s Global Chief Investment Strategist. Rich also invites a guest to provide additional insight about a particular asset class, investment idea or insurance industry trend.

Peer Analysis: An Opportunity to Enhance Investment Portfolio Value 


Matt Reilly and Lauren Forando of Insurance Solutions explain the value of comparing your investment portfolio to those of competitors and discuss Conning’s peer review process and analysis.

Esoteric ABS: Opportunities for Yield and Portfolio Diversification Amid Market Volatility


Mike Nowakowski, Head of Structured Securities, discusses esoteric asset-backed securities (ABS) and how the asset class may benefit insurance investment portfolios.

Building a Positive Relationship with Negative IMR


In this webinar, the Conning Insurance Solutions team discusses approaches to navigating the current environment, industry impacts with the IMR rule change and strategies for value creation.

Conning Risk Assessment Survey of U.S. Insurers


U.S. insurers are optimistic about investment markets in 2024 and expect to take on more investment risk, according to a fall 2023 survey of U.S. insurance decision makers commissioned by Conning. The survey also found that insurers think the benefits of adding artificial intelligence tools to the investment process are worth the risks.