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Conning ConnText Podcast: Quarterly Investment Outlook


The economic shutdown may have helped “bend the curve” in limiting greater contagion to COVID-19 but recovering from the shutdown will be another battle. The concerns and potential opportunities are discussed in our quarterly Conning ConnText podcast, hosted by Rich Sega, Global Chief Investment Strategist, and featuring Matt Daly, Head of Corporate and Municipal Teams, and Paul Norris, Head of Structured Products. 

Stress Testing Scenarios for COVID-19


Conning is making available to our colleagues in the insurance and pension industries free of charge a selection from our GEMS® Stress Test Scenarios package, which includes historical scenarios with similarities to the current economic climate and a new scenario file based on 2020 YTD data.

Pension Funded Status Tracker March 2020


The funded status of the average U.S. corporate defined benefit pension plan fell 4% from 86% to 82% funded, over the course of March 2020. he asset portfolio saw declines as both the hedging and growth portfolios underperformed, and Liabilities also witnessed a decrease, mostly driven by a widening of high quality corporate spreads.

Stress Testing in the Pandemic Age


Economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic may seem unprecedented, but there are similarities to the 2008 financial crisis and other past market dislocations

COVID-19 Effect on the Insurance Industry


While the insurance industry is well suited to weather the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, rating agency stress-testing is expected to result in both ratings downgrades and requirements for additional capital for certain insurers.

Portfolio Income Opportunities Amid Market Distress


Insurers may wish to take advantage of the current market dislocation to potentially enhance portfolio income without having to invest new cash or assume a significant amount of additional risk.

Pension Funded Status Tracker February 2020


The funded status of the average U.S. corporate defined benefit pension plan fell 5% from 91% to 86% funded, between the beginning to end of February 2020. The asset portfolio fell in value despite mixed performance in the hedging and growth portfolios and liabilities increased in value, driven by a drop in interest rates.

Four Regulatory & Accounting Updates: What Life/Annuity & Health Insurers Need to Know


A new year often means new regulatory and accounting changes for insurers, and 2020 is no exception. Conning has analyzed the four major updates, which will most likely affect life/annuity and health companies, and shares our insights.

Seeing the Big Picture: Managing Total Investment Risk in the General Account and DB Pension Plan


Insurers may be missing opportunities to improve net income, pension plan funding and their bottom line because of a blind spot. These companies may not see the full investment risk of their general account and defined benefit (DB) pension plan separate account. Missing the big picture may weaken enterprise risk management and lead to inefficiencies in investment strategy, possibly affecting the insurer’s balance sheet. Conning has developed a solution, based on our deep understanding of insurance and pension asset management, aimed at providing insurers a comprehensive view of general account and DB assets.