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Rising Convertible Issuance May Aid Insurers Concerned with Inflation, Interest Rate Increases


David Tyson, managing director and portfolio manager, discusses why convertible bond issuance has risen recently and why insurers may wish to consider an allocation. 

Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary: The Looming Change in Bond C1 Factors for Life Insurers


Matthew Reilly from Institutional Solutions and Mary Pat Campbell from Insurance Research examine the potential impact on life insurance portfolios from newly adopted changes to risk-based capital charges.

Pension Funded Status Tracker July 2021


Over July 2021, the average corporate defined benefit pension plan’s funded status remained flat at 95% funded.

Alternative Paths: Alt Assets May Offer Insurers Greater Yields, Returns and Risk Management


Rich Sega, Global Chief Investment Strategist, provides a primer for insurers that are considering an allocation to alternative assets.

Equities Watch: Views on Value Stocks, Dividends and Tax Policy 


Don Townswick, Director of Equity Strategies, discusses the outlook for value stocks including the dividend-paying equities at the center of Conning’s high-dividend equity (HDE) strategy.

Pension Funded Status Tracker June 2021


The funded status of the average U.S. corporate defined benefit pension plan from 95.9% to 95.3% funded over June 2021. 

Seizing the Moment: Strategies for the Post-Pandemic Environment


Matthew Reilly, a managing director in the Institutional Solutions group, and Cindy Beaulieu, Chair of Conning’s Investment Policy Committee, discuss ways to broaden the insurance investment portfolio toolset for property & casualty insurers. They explain how markets are evolving and where greater opportunities may lie in the webinar "Seizing the Moment: Strategies for the Post-Pandemic Environment."

Conning’s Strategic Asset Allocation Approach for Life Insurers: Empowering Financial Decision-Making


Conning explains our holistic approach in developing customized strategic asset allocations for each life insurance and annuity firm, creating an investment strategy that complements a client’s overall business.

Transition Risk: Portfolio Considerations Amid Increasing Carbon-Emission Controls and Climate-Related Regulations


Matt Daly, Head of Corporate and Municipal Teams, and Denzil De Bie, Head of Credit Research – Europe, examine transition risk, i.e., the investment risks - and opportunities – that may arise in response to how efforts to reduce carbon emissions may affect market conditions.

Crypto Comes Into Focus


Scott Hawkins and Alan Walters from Insurance Research examine how insurers are wading into digital currencies and offer insights on potential business uses of electronic money.