Conning Named the Lloyd's Market's Most Popular Asset Manager by Engagement


Russell Büsst, CEO and CIO of Conning Europe, talks with Insurance Asset Risk about Conning recently being named the Lloyd’s market’s most popular asset manager by engagement. 

Cindy Beaulieu Discusses How Insurance Companies Are Looking to Increase Portfolio Risk


Cindy Beaulieu, managing director and Chair of the Investment Policy Committee, discusses how insurance companies are looking to increase risk in investment portfolios in a FundFire article.

Global Property-Casualty Insurance M&A in 2020: The Show Must Go On


Measured by both value of announced transactions and by number of transactions, 2020 M&A activity in the property-casualty underwriting, distribution, and insurance services sectors exceeded levels from 2019.

Clear Path Analysis - Pension Plan De-Risking, North America 2021 Report


In the Foreword to the Clear Path Analysis “Pension De-Risking North America 2021,” Conning’s Sean Kurian explains that recovering markets plus significant government aid may help improve funding levels, but the key is to maintain those improved levels in a risk-controlled manner.

Gretchen Lam Discusses the State of U.S. Bank Loans as the Economic Outlook Improves


Gretchen Lam, of Octagon Credit Investors, a Conning affiliate, shares insight with Creditflux on the state of U.S. bank loans as the economic outlook improves. 

Scott Hawkins Speaks About the Role of Social Media Data in the Insurance Industry


Scott Hawkins, a director in Insurance Research, speaks about the use of social media data to verify insurance claims with Life Annuity Specialist

Matt Daly Discusses ESG Investing Trends for Insurers with AM Best TV


Matt Daly, Head of Corporate and Municipal Bond Teams, discusses trends in ESG investing for insurers in “The Greening of Insurance Asset Management” video produced by AM Best. 

Life-Annuity and Health M&A Slowed Initially Because of Covid-19, but Rebounded and Will Likely Continue in 2021


M&A activity involving acquisitions of life-annuity and health insurers slowed considerably in the early part of 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold and market participants adjusted to the socially distanced work and changed economic environment.

Conning is Pleased to Announce its Newest Focus Series - Presumptions and the Future of Workers' Compensation Insurance 2021


The Conning Focus Series, "Presumptions and the Future of Workers' Compensation Insurance 2021" addresses these questions. In this Focus Series report, we explore potential outcomes for workers' compensation from pandemic-driven presumptions based on the latest data and research available.

Karel Citroen Discusses Institutional Investors’ Increased Interest in Taxable Municipal Bonds


Karel Citroen, Head of Municipal Research, is featured in FundFire discussing institutional investors’ increased interest in taxable municipal bonds.