Matthew Reilly Discusses Rising Interest Rates with AM Best


Matthew Reilly, Managing Director in Conning’s Institutional Solutions group, comments on rising interest rates in an AM Best Best's Review article.

Conning Announces its Newest Focus Series - The Covid-19 Coverage Gap: How Insurers Can Respond


The Conning Focus Series, “The Covid-19 Coverage Gap: How Insurers Can Respond” provides insight into evolving customer exposure points, associated impacts on insurers, and analysis of industry actions to date, as a result of the pandemic’s economic ramifications. 

Don Townswick Discusses Recent Equity Market Activity in MarketWatch


Don Townswick, director of equity strategies, commented to MarketWatch on recent equity market activity.

Cindy Beaulieu Discusses Rising Interest Rates and Potential Benefits for Insurers with AM Best


Cindy Beaulieu, Managing Director and Head of Conning Investment Policy Committee, spoke with AM Best about rising interest rates and potential benefits for insurers’ investment portfolios. 

Woody Bradford Shares Lessons from Insurers on ESG Integration


Woody Bradford, CEO and Chair of the Board, penned a column for the CFA Institute on the lessons insurers are offering on ESG integration.

Terence Martin Discusses the Growing Role of ESG in Insurers' Asset Management Strategies with AM Best


Terence Martin, a director in Conning's Insurance Research group, spoke to AM Best on the growing role of ESG in insurers' asset management strategies. 

Conning ConnText Podcast: Geopolitical Risks Add Pressures to U.S. Economy and Emerging Market Corporate Landscape


In the Conning ConnText podcast for the second quarter, Rich Sega, Global Chief Investment Strategist, reviews the evolving economic landscape and the impact of the Ukraine war. His guest, Alia Yousuf, an emerging market credit analyst with affiliate Global Evolution, discusses the impact of global events on EM opportunities. 

Sean Kurian Discusses the Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Pension Liabilities in Chief Investment Officer


Sean Kurian, Head of Institutional Solutions, comments on the 2021 liability-driven investment survey in Chief Investment Officer

Cindy Beaulieu Discusses ESG in Insurers’ Investment Strategies


Cindy Beaulieu, managing director and Chair of the Investment Policy Committee, discusses ESG in insurers’ investment strategies in a FundFire article. 

Matthew Lightwood on How Insurers are Adapting to Climate Change 


Matthew Lightwood, a director in risk solutions, comments on how the insurance industry is adapting to climate change in a Business Insurance article.