Conning and FIS Collaborate to Integrate Economic Scenario Generation and Actuarial Modeling

November 05, 2018

Conning and FIS Collaborate to Integrate Economic Scenario Generation and Actuarial Modeling

London, UK and Hartford, CT  November 5, 2018  In June of this year, Conning Inc. and FIS Sherwood Systems Group Limited signed an agreement to collaborate on the integration of Conning’s GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator (ESG) and FIS’s Prophet insurance risk modeling and projection system. This collaboration will enable the GEMS® software and Prophet to interface with each other as part of an end-to-end solution, and it will facilitate the development of additional solutions available only through an integrated cloud-based operation.

John Winter, Director of Product Management of FIS, has written a new blog post on the collaboration here detailing the advantages of the combined offering to life insurers.

FIS’s and Conning’s award-winning solutions for actuarial modelling and ESG already work well together. Now the two firms are joining forces to develop tighter levels of integration to enable higher performance and more sophisticated modelling approaches. Combining FIS’s Prophet solution for projecting assets and liabilities with Conning’s GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator and expert calibration services will provide a best-of-breed solution for risk modelling, both in the near and long term.

Conning’s GEMS® Economic Scenario Generator simulates future states of the global economy and financial markets, including alternative assets and derivatives, while FIS Prophet insurance software and actuarial modeling solutions give actuaries a flexible, easy-to-use system for rapid insurance product development and modification.


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